Mother Earth

Hammering axes deep inside the wood trunks,
building a house to live in,
What is the purpose of building a house?
cutting out supply of air we breathe in,

Heavy clinking sound of machinery gears,
Oil and Coal producing poison to inhale,
tossing waste into the glistening waters,
in the biggest aquarium, aquatics unable to prevail,

Animals homeless, birds have no place to build nests,
For our own advantage,
We do whatever it takes, to do , for us what is best,

Cigarettes, Alcohol, and what not,
Production un-stopping, of things to kill humanity,
Man is his own enemy,
the cruel reality,

People lived better, when they were kings,
but now all the luxuries, world has become machine’s slave,
We call our Earth our mother,
And we ourselves, dig our mother Earth’s grave.



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