The Stealer

Walls he jumped, leaping fences,
He went past the sleeping tents,
Under the glow of the moon light,
He stole from the stealer,
While they dreamt at night,

Rise the sun, the high men run,
their wealth all to nil,
“Find the one who did this–
and throw him down the hill.”,

Rise the sun, the poor grin,
they see the food to eat,
they pray the god, his magic, his power,
give them, the morning’s meal,

Set the sun, another plan,
He’s already prepared for the job,
‘Another high man, another stealer,
at his job, who’s a flop’,

Walls he jumped, fences leapt,
some may call him thief,
bellies filled, smiles kept,
for some, he is the hope to keep.



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