So you’re having a bad time of your life,
You can’t take it anymore?
No one can ever understand what you’re going through,
Seems your life is so sore?

So you think jumping off the tallest building would work,
Or eating a lot of sleeping pills is escape,
Maybe you’re right, maybe,
Maybe you’re in very bad shape,

But nothing in this world is incurable,
Dark times doesn’t last forever,
You’re strong, you know it,
but you’ve been afraid to accept it ever,

Don’t think about yourself,
think about those who brought you in this world,
Did they give you life to see you take it?
No, they gave you life so you can make it,

Think about those who’ve been there for you,
Think about those who’s life is going on because of you,
Think about those who you’ve inspired,
Think about those from whom you’ve inspired,
Think about the things you’ve accomplished so far,
Think about the things to accomplish there are,
Think, Think, Think…

Now ask yourself, are you really that weak?
Ask yourself, Is this what you really seek?
Why are you letting the episode cloud your judgement?
You’re strong, don’t get bent,
You’re strong. Remember.


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