Kept it Inside.

It was a treat to watch her smile,
A treat to be with her for a while,
But i wasn’t the one for her,
The way i felt about her, i kept it inside,

My mornings would start with the thought of her,
The little joyous i felt, looking her in the eyes,
The thoughts, how happy she would be with me,
I never let it out, I kept it inside,

We were good friends, but that was not it for me,
Friendship, wasn’t enough,
I wanted her to be mine,
I wanted, to be US,

The feelings inside me, urging me to go blurt out,
Go in front of her, scream and shout,
Some part of me saying it’s never gonna happen,
Just like the sound of one hand clappin’

Somehow i conviced myself to tell her how i felt,
and it took multiple hours of talking to mirror,
thinking would it be great if in front of her, i knelt,
a multiple paragraphs of how i should say it,

But I decided to be myself, and told her how i felt,
Little did i know, she waited four years,
waited for me, for this same moment,
i don’t know how i controlled my tears,

She knew i loved her, She knew everything since start,
This was the best to ever have had happened,
Single thought of it, raced my heart,

Now that I know, know she was waiting,
Waiting for me to express the feelings i hide,
I feel bad for all the time we would have spent together,
I regret, I regret i kept it inside.



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