Leave behind, that has been,
don’t gloom upon the past,
leave behind that has been,
don’t stress upon what could last,

in the world of broken shadows,
the un-utter souls, in the lonely meadows
where’s everything’s too fragile,
how could one hope, even hope to find an epitome in this wild,

stop, stop looking for the perfection, in this debris,
you won’t find any, since there’s none,
you are what perfection is, just raw,
craft yourself, you’ll find out in the long run,

if the idea of idealizing was a successive approach,
the fragile would be strong, and the incomplete , utter,
but so is not, and the horde remains,
craft yourself, stand out, remove all your stains,

don’t be afraid of making mistakes,
that is how you learn,
fall seven, get up eight,
your own respect, you would earn,

it’s not gonna be easy, none said it would,
it’s gonna rip you apart,
but stand, and stand firm,
and just whisper, ‘let it come, it’s just the start’.



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