The Night

The grasp, the clench, the musky scent in air,
fingers, running smooth on her body,
Stopping, right at the bottom of naval,
making her breath heavy,

He’d shut her up, putting his lips over hers,
Grasping her from waist, pulling closer,tighter,
it’s when his rough hands would smoothly slide up to her boobs,
and his lips slide down,
to meet her neck,
She’d continuously moan,
as the ecstasy would take her over with overwhelming euphoria,

the skins rubbing each other, and the scent of musk intensifies,
she cups her face, rapid, quick and dwells inside with closed eyes,
His rough hands were handling her, and her silk curves making him insane,
with his mouth on her nipples now, and fingers rubbing her vagina,
the moans intensifies, louder they came,
both were hot, and ready to become one,
He covers her body with his, comes on top,
with his dick in his hand,
–while he penetrates it to her insides,
He kisses her ear, She moans, with a euphoric cry,

the sense of pain and pleasure overwhelming,
as he thrusts his dick deeper inside her vagina,
both of them breathing heavy, close,
sex was in the air,
She keeps her legs on his back,
and his hands on both her sides,
he stared into her closed eyes,
the moans never leaving the room, nor the sighs,

comes one after another,
he’s fucking her, and she’s loving it,
she grabs a hold from his shoulder
She’s in painful pleasure, digs her nails on his back,
He starts thrusting faster,
while his mouth lingers over her sweaty neck,
He kisses her, she bites her lip,
Him non stopping, She moans louder along the kiss,
she’s getting the orgasm, She can feeeel the edge,
slipping away, she can feel her body leaving, with
each thrust, she can feel getting closer and closer,
He’s moaning too as he’s closing in,
both of them, stares each other in the eyes,
and with one final thrust, — it’s done,
both of them closed eyes, guy drops on his lover’s body,
all spent, breathing heavy
She picks up her face, kisses him,
he’s still inside her,
She drags him to her side,
both naked, her head on his arms,
they sleep together


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