A Gentleman

Judge her, and you’re a “tin-pot dictator”
Accept her, for whoever she is,
Look her in the eyes, and say the three magic words,
A gentleman, you’d be.

Talk behind her back, you’re a “good-old-scumbag”
Love her,– unconditionally,
Make time for her, & make her feel extra special,
A gentleman, you’d be.

Swear in public, and you’re “detestable”
Be polite, Be your best self,
Be proud, of your lady ,
A gentleman, you’d be.

You don’t respect, you’re a “schmuck”
Respect your lady, always,
Be confident with her, not cocky,
A gentleman, you’d be.

Help her with her deeds, even if she didn’t ask,
caress her, like a princess,
spoil her, to the very extent,
She has the power to pull you out of any mess,

call her, rather than the dull text,
ask for — ‘dinner tonight’,
pull the chair for her,
make sure she went home all-right,

But everything will come later,
search for yourself first,
know yourself better,
else it’s just reversed.



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