Mother Earth

Hammering axes deep inside the wood trunks, building a house to live in, What is the purpose of building a house? cutting out supply of air we breathe in, Heavy clinking sound of machinery gears, Oil and Coal producing poison to inhale, tossing waste into the glistening waters, in the biggest aquarium, aquatics unable to… Continue reading Mother Earth


A person trying to hide himself from others because he felt alone. But ultimately realizing his own self with the help of one person who materialized the life he always wanted.

The Seven Stages

STAGE I Sound of their laughter, A treat to ears, They giggled, with pretty eyes, Nibbling small pieces of pears, STAGE II They walked to school, Worrying about undone homework, Afraid of teacher’s rebuke, Afraid she’ll punish em’ more-work, STAGE III Affection, mistaken for love, Un-Accepting Infatuation, Running chores for other-self’s contentment, broken hearts, the… Continue reading The Seven Stages

Several Men with Firearms

Blood Splatter, screams and terror, They brought these all with themselves, Several men with firearms, Stormed inside, like open cells, Students with big dreams, Were there to achieve they desire, Several men with Firearms, Left their bodies to meet fire, Several men with Firearms, Marched inside the campus, Pushing the trigger of their AKs, When anyone came in their ways, The walls were blood covered, Staircases, bloodstained, Bullet-poked walls and doors, Glee, out of… Continue reading Several Men with Firearms